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AddressTryppehnaer Weg 1b, 39291 Ziepel
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Ice sports

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Ice sports information

Ice sports are an upper concept for different sports, as for example bobsleigh, Curling and skating. Curling is one of the most popular Olympic winter sports. The precision sport is related with Boule, Boccia and curling and particularly in Canada, Scandinavia and Switzerland popular. To racing sledges and skating are known as Olympic sports and have very high ratings with television broadcasts.

Basically is to be distinguished with the Winter Olympics between ice sports kinds and snowy sports.

Ice sports services

Typical ice sports kinds are Curling, bobsleighing, sledges, Skeleton, ice-dancing, figure skating, ice quick run, ice skating and ice hockey. Often concepts in request are ice sports association, show running, ice sports hall, ice skates, ice rink, sledges, Choosing, world cup, ice quick running, dance elements, ice sports training, foghorn, Winter Olympics, pirouette, ice jump, sledge tournament, wok world championship, four-seater bob, one man’s bob, ice canal, bobsleigh run, ice thickness and toboggan run.

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