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CategoryPrimary school
AddressSchulstr. 1, 04720 Mochau
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Primary school information

In Germany, children usually attend primary school or elementary School from 1st to 4th grade, in Berlin and Brandenburg to 6th grade. For primary school, general schooling is compulsory throughout Germany. According to a recommendation by the teachers, students then attend a secondary school (e.g. gymnasium). Primary schools and elementary schools were in the German-speaking area already in the 19th century, according to the Reich Elementary School law they were called from 1920 elementary schools. Today elementary schools are often known as District schools. There are private and free elementary schools.

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The following terms are often sought around the subject of primary school: Elementary School, Waldorf School, Private school, Klax, first graders, compulsory education, reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, spelling, basic arithmetic, time, time-span calculation, Biological, chemical, spatial, graphic bases, music, traffic education, swimming lessons, seahorses swimming licence, swimming badges, cooperative learning, class lessons, tuition and school bus.

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