Golf in München

Golf München information

The goal of the ball sport is to bring a ball from the tee to the hole with as few strokes as possible. Golf is generally run on a golf course. This is usually made up of 9-18 fairways, which consist of tee-offs, green-holes. The use of a golf course is subject to an additional fee or to a club membership.

The most famous golf tournaments are: grand Slam tournaments, US Masters, PGA Championship, is open, Kraft Nabisco Championship and US Womens Open Championship.

Golf München services

Golf is played in golf clubs. You need ball, tee, caddy, golf bag, golf cart, golf clothing etc. To play on a golf course or in the Golf club you can do as a member or against range fee. Notable golf tournaments include US Masters, is open, the Open Championship, PGA Championship, Kraft Nabisco Championship and US Womens Open Championship.

Popular golf variants are Crossgolf, Swinggolf, small golf variants such as miniature golf and minigolf.
Team München - Golf
Sanddornstr. 6, 80939 München  ➤ 9km
opening hours unknown
Siemens Active München - Golf
Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, 81739 München  ➤ 10km
opening hours unknown
Oberbay. Minigolfclub Ingolstadt e.V.
Oberer Taubentalweg 56 a, 85055 Ingolstadt  ➤ 72km
opening hours unknown
Miniatur-Golf-Club Ingolstadt e.V.
Mozartstr. 20, 85057 Ingolstadt  ➤ 74km
opening hours unknown
Golfclub Ingolstadt e.V.
Spitzlmühle, 85049 Ingolstadt  ➤ 74km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club Golf Range Augsburg e.V.
Lindauer Str. 56, 86199 Augsburg  ➤ 82km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club Augsburg e. V.
Engelshofer Str. 2, 86399 Bobingen/Burgwalden  ➤ 93km
opening hours unknown
Golfclub Regensburg-Sinzing am Minoritenhof e.V.
Minoritenhof 1, 93161 Sinzing  ➤ 106km
opening hours unknown
Golf- und Land-Club Regensburg e.V.
Jagdschloss Thiergarten, 93093 Regensburg  ➤ 122km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club am Reichswald e.V.
Schiestlstr. 100, 90427 Nürnberg  ➤ 162km
opening hours unknown
1. Golf Clubs Fürth e.V.
Am Golfplatz 10, 90768 Fürth  ➤ 167km
opening hours unknown
Schwimm- und Sportverein Ulm 1846 e.V. - Golf
Stadionstr. 17, 89073 Ulm  ➤ 177km
opening hours unknown
TV WIBLINGEN 1905 e.V. - Golf
Wiblinger Ring 4, 89079 Ulm  ➤ 181km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club Würzburg
Am Golfplatz 2, 97084 Würzburg  ➤ 256km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club Heilbronn-Hohenlohe e. V.
Hofgasse 12, 74639 Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe  ➤ 260km
opening hours unknown
TG Höchberg Fussball - Golf
Jahnstr. 2, 97204 97204  ➤ 264km
opening hours unknown
Miniaturgolffreunde 1977 Sickenhausen e. V.
schinger Straße 2, 72820 Sonnenbühl  ➤ 268km
opening hours unknown
Stuttgarter Sportclub 1900 e. V. - Golf
Talstr. 210, 70372 Stuttgart  ➤ 272km
opening hours unknown
HTC Stuttgarter Kickers e. V. - Golf
Bopseräcker, Gew. 1, 70597 Stuttgart  ➤ 276km
opening hours unknown
PF 1231, 74002 Heilbronn  ➤ 286km
opening hours unknown
Miniaturgolfverein Eibenstock 1997 e.V.
Schneeberger Straße 4 a, 08309 Eibenstock  ➤ 286km
opening hours unknown
Golfclub Zwickau
Reinsdorfer Str. 29, 08066 Zwickau  ➤ 305km
opening hours unknown
Golf Club Weimar-Jena 1994 e. V.
Münchenroda 29, 07751 Jena  ➤ 311km
opening hours unknown
Stuttgarter Golf-Club Solitude e. V.
Schloßfeld/Golfplatz, 71297 Mönsheim  ➤ 313km
open today 10:00 - 18:00 o'clock
Golfclub Wasserschloß, Klaffenbach/Chemnitz e. V.
Wasserschloßweg 6, 09123 Chemnitz  ➤ 328km
opening hours unknown
Golfclub Heidelberg-Lobenfeld
Am Biddersbacher Hof, 74931 Lobbach-Lobenfeld  ➤ 330km
opening hours unknown
Cobi-Golf-Club Blau Gelb Grötzingen
Bruchwaldstr 32, 76229 Karlsruhe  ➤ 357km
opening hours unknown
1. Golfclub Leipzig e.V.
Am Sportforum 3, 04105 Leipzig  ➤ 368km
opening hours unknown
1. Bahnengolf-Club Leipzig e.V.
Lutherstr. 12 a, 04315 Leipzig  ➤ 369km
opening hours unknown
Golf Club Hanau-Wilhelmsbad e.V.
Franz-Ludwig-von-Cancrin-Weg 1a, 63454 Hanau  ➤ 374km
opening hours unknown