Golf in Hamburg

Golf Hamburg information

The goal of the ball sport is to bring a ball from the tee to the hole with as few strokes as possible. Golf is generally run on a golf course. This is usually made up of 9-18 fairways, which consist of tee-offs, green-holes. The use of a golf course is subject to an additional fee or to a club membership.

The most famous golf tournaments are: grand Slam tournaments, US Masters, PGA Championship, is open, Kraft Nabisco Championship and US Womens Open Championship.

Golf Hamburg services

Golf is played in golf clubs. You need ball, tee, caddy, golf bag, golf cart, golf clothing etc. To play on a golf course or in the Golf club you can do as a member or against range fee. Notable golf tournaments include US Masters, is open, the Open Championship, PGA Championship, Kraft Nabisco Championship and US Womens Open Championship.

Popular golf variants are Crossgolf, Swinggolf, small golf variants such as miniature golf and minigolf.
Golf-Club auf der Wendlohe e. V.
Oldesloer Straße 251, 22457 Hamburg  ➤ 14km
opening hours unknown
Niendorfer Miniaturgolf Club von 1963 e. V.
Am Rathausplatz 12, 25462 Rellingen  ➤ 22km
opening hours unknown
Wentorf-Reinbeker-Golf-Club e.V.
Golfstr. 2, 21465 Wentorf  ➤ 31km
opening hours unknown
Bahnen-Golf-Club Kiel-West e.V.
Skandinaviendamm 211, 24109 Kiel  ➤ 87km
opening hours unknown
Miniaturgolfclub Olympia Kiel e.V.
Erich-Kästner-Weg 55, 24143 Kiel  ➤ 87km
opening hours unknown
Lübeck-Travemünder Golf-Klub e.V.
Kowitzberg 41, 23570 Lübeck  ➤ 110km
opening hours unknown
SC Schwarz-Gold - Golf
Riethorst 12, 30659 Hannover  ➤ 129km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club Oberneuland e.V.
Heinrich-Baden-Weg 25, 28355 Bremen  ➤ 130km
opening hours unknown
1. Bahnen-Golf-Club Hann.
Uferstr. 8, 30926 Seelze  ➤ 135km
opening hours unknown
Club zur Vahr e.V. - Golf
Bgm.-Spitta-Allee 34, 28329 Bremen  ➤ 135km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club Hannover
Am Blauen See 120, 30823 Garbsen  ➤ 136km
opening hours unknown
Golfclub Wolfsburg/Boldecker Land e.V.
Osloßer Weg 1, 38556 Bokensdorf  ➤ 143km
opening hours unknown
Bahnen-Golf-Club Bremen e. V.
Postfach 75 01 50, 28721 Bremen  ➤ 143km
opening hours unknown
SG ERNO Bremen e.V. - Golf
Airbus Allee 1, 28199 Bremen  ➤ 145km
opening hours unknown
Miniatur-Golf-Verein Bremen
Stuhrbaum 22 b, 28816 Stuhr  ➤ 150km
opening hours unknown
Sportverein Olympia Braunschweig - Golf
Bienroder Weg 72, 38106 Braunschweig  ➤ 154km
opening hours unknown
Bahnengolf - Verein Hildesheim e.V.
von-Emmich-Straße 44, 31135 Hildesheim  ➤ 155km
opening hours unknown
1. Bahnen-Golf-Club Wolfsburg e.V.
Am Drömlingstadion 8a, 38448 Wolfsburg  ➤ 156km
opening hours unknown
Golfclub Bremerhaven
Am Kai 2, 27501 Bremerhaven  ➤ 157km
opening hours unknown
Schweriner Golfclub e.V.
Bürgermeister-Bade-Platz 5, 19055 Schwerin  ➤ 158km
opening hours unknown
Schwartzkopffstr. 10, 38126 Braunschweig  ➤ 159km
opening hours unknown
TSV Salzgitter - Golf
Neißestr. 133, 38226 Salzgitter  ➤ 160km
opening hours unknown
Miniatur-Golf-Club Bremen-Nord e.V.
Besanstr. 12, 28779 Bremen  ➤ 165km
opening hours unknown
SV Glück Auf 1901 Gebhardshagen - Golf
Sternbergstr. 7a, 38229 Salzgitter  ➤ 167km
opening hours unknown
Golf-Club Salzgitter
Kriemhildstr. 10b, 38259 Salzgitter  ➤ 172km
opening hours unknown
Golfclub Nordfriesland
Ostseestr. 1, 25917 Achtrup  ➤ 175km
opening hours unknown
WINSTONgolf Klub e.V.
Kranichweg 1, 19065 Vorbeck  ➤ 179km
opening hours unknown
Oldenburgischer Golfclub e. V.
Am Golfplatz 1, 26180 Rastede  ➤ 203km
opening hours unknown
Bahnen-Golf-Club Northeim e.V.
Adolf Hueg Wall 1, 37154 Northeim (Landkreis)  ➤ 206km
open today 14:30 - 19:30 o'clock
Golf Club Hardenberg e.V.
Obere Dorfstr. 42, 37176 Lütgenrode  ➤ 214km
opening hours unknown