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Football Frankfurt/Main information

American football is an American team sport that is mainly organized in Germany through clubs. If you are interested in American football, you should contact football clubs. Often a trial training is offered. Football teams often appear in football tournaments.

If you're interested in American football, you can watch football matches between regional and local football clubs. Whether strength and stamina are suitable for the sport, you get to know mostly in the trial training.

Football Frankfurt/Main services

This American team sport is represented in Germany in particular by football clubs. There you find team training, ball games and sports enthusiasm.

Typical of the football equipment are football helmets, football shirts, shoulder pads, football boots and protective clothing. Football balls and training equipment (eg dummies, blocking, dummy man) are mostly required for American football.
D.V.A.S. Frankfurt Pirates e.V. (Frankfurt Pirates) - Football
Postfach 500940, 60397 Frankfurt am Main  ➤ 1km
opening hours unknown
Frankfurt Football Club e.V. (FFC)
Postfach 180325, 60084 Frankfurt am Main  ➤ 1km
opening hours unknown
1. AFC Mülheim Shamrocks e.V. - Football
Richard-Wagner-Straße 7, 47198 Mühlheim  ➤ 21km
opening hours unknown
SV Blau-Gelb Darmstadt - Football
Hammelstrift 12, 64289 Darmstadt  ➤ 24km
opening hours unknown
Football American Sports Club Hanau e.V. - Hanau Hornets
Nürnberger Straße 20-22, 63450 Hanau  ➤ 27km
opening hours unknown
Darmstädter Turn- und Sportgemeinde 1846 - Football
Heinrich-Fuhr-Str. 40, 64287 Darmstadt  ➤ 27km
opening hours unknown
American Football Club Frankfurt Family e.V. - Football
In der Rödersbach 1, 61267 Neu Anspach  ➤ 31km
opening hours unknown
Football Limburg Mustangs
Mensfelder Kopf, 65597 Mensfelden  ➤ 70km
open today 18:00 - 19:30 o'clock
open today 19:30 - 21:30 o'clock
MTG Mannheim - Football
Im Pfeifferswörth 13, 68167 Mannheim  ➤ 73km
opening hours unknown
Football AFC Wiesbaden Phantoms e. V.
Gartenfeldstr. 17, 56370 Reckenroth  ➤ 75km
opening hours unknown
Heidelberger Turnverein 1846 - Football
Carl-Bosch-Strasse 10, 69115 Heidelberg  ➤ 80km
opening hours unknown
Football Blue Devils
Mehrzweckhalle Singhofen, 56379 SInghofen  ➤ 94km
closed today
US Sports Club Heilbronn Salt Miners e. V. - Football
Mühlstr. 25/1, 74172 Neckarsulm  ➤ 117km
opening hours unknown
Kaiserslautern Pikes - Football
Am Vogelgesang 26, 67657 Kaiserslautern  ➤ 125km
opening hours unknown
American Footballclub Karlsruher Cavaliers
Neßler Strasse 10, 76228 Karlsruhe  ➤ 126km
opening hours unknown
Football KIT Engineers
Lärchenallee 3, 76131 Karlsruhe  ➤ 126km
opening hours unknown
Verein zur Förderung des American Football Uni K'he
Karlstr 78, 76137 Karlsruhe  ➤ 128km
opening hours unknown
Football Turnverein Lienzingen
Hermann-Hesse-Str. 28/2, 75417 Mühlacker  ➤ 131km
opening hours unknown
Football 1. ASC Badener Greifs e.V.
Kolpingstr 7, 76767 Hagenbach  ➤ 131km
opening hours unknown
Football Pforzheimer AFC Wilddogs
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 43, 75203 Pforzheim  ➤ 135km
opening hours unknown
Hauptstr. 35, 97282 Retzstadt  ➤ 136km
opening hours unknown
Football Pforzheim Panthers c/o FC Phönix Würm
Ritterstr. 9, 75181 Pforzheim  ➤ 140km
opening hours unknown
Ludwigsburg Bulldogs - Football
Fuchhofstr. 60, 71638 Ludwigsburg  ➤ 148km
opening hours unknown
Sportvereinigung 07 Ludwigsburg e.V. - Football
Fuchshofstr. 60, 71638 Ludwigsburg  ➤ 148km
opening hours unknown
Football Kornwestheim Cougars
Theodor-Heuss-Str, 70806 Kornwestheim  ➤ 151km
opening hours unknown
TSV 1891 Kassel-Oberzwehren - Football
Altenbaunaer Str. 109 A, 34132 Kassel  ➤ 156km
opening hours unknown
Sportfreunde 75 Fasanenhof e.V. Kassel - Football
Mörikestr. 40, 34125 Kassel  ➤ 165km
opening hours unknown
Esslingen Raccoons Flagfootball
Esslingen am Neckar  ➤ 168km
opening hours unknown
Football MSC Altena e.V. (ADAC)
Rahmedestr. 76, 58762 Altena  ➤ 172km
opening hours unknown
AFC Paderborn Dolphins e.V. - Football
Carl-Diem-Str. 8, 33106 Paderborn  ➤ 178km
opening hours unknown