Football in Brandenburg

Football Brandenburg information

American football is an American team sport that is mainly organized in Germany through clubs. If you are interested in American football, you should contact football clubs. Often a trial training is offered. Football teams often appear in football tournaments.

If you're interested in American football, you can watch football matches between regional and local football clubs. Whether strength and stamina are suitable for the sport, you get to know mostly in the trial training.

Football Brandenburg services

This American team sport is represented in Germany in particular by football clubs. There you find team training, ball games and sports enthusiasm.

Typical of the football equipment are football helmets, football shirts, shoulder pads, football boots and protective clothing. Football balls and training equipment (eg dummies, blocking, dummy man) are mostly required for American football.
Sport-Club Potsdam e.V. - Football
Maimi-v.Mirbach-Str. 11-13, 14480 Potsdam  ➤ 18km
opening hours unknown
Football Nauener Hawks
Hamburger Straße 4, 14641 Nauen  ➤ 23km
opening hours unknown
Pro Sportverein Berlin 24 e.V. - Football
Forckenbeckstr. 18, 14199 Berlin  ➤ 32km
opening hours unknown
Märkischer Sportverein 1919 Neuruppin e.V. - Football
Alt Ruppiner Allee 56, 16816 Neuruppin  ➤ 59km
opening hours unknown
SC 2000 Eichwalde e.V. - Football
Käthe-Kollwitz-Str. 15, 15732 Eichwalde  ➤ 67km
opening hours unknown
American Football Club ",Erkner Razorbacks", e.V.
zum Wasserwerk 8A, 15537 Erkner  ➤ 81km
opening hours unknown
Football SV Blau-Weiß
Mittelstr. 32, 04886 Blumberg  ➤ 106km
opening hours unknown
American Football Club ",Leipzig Lions", e.V.
Jacobstr. 7, 04105 Leipzig  ➤ 144km
opening hours unknown
Polizeisportverein Magdeburg 1990 - Football
Berliner Chaussee 219, 39114 Magdeburg  ➤ 151km
opening hours unknown
USC Magdeburg - Football
Pfälzer Str. , Osteingang Mensa, 39106 Magdeburg  ➤ 156km
opening hours unknown
Football American Sport Club
Keplerstr. 4, 39104 Magdeburg  ➤ 159km
opening hours unknown
Universitätssportverein Halle e.V. - Football
Robert-Franz-Ring 14, 06108 Halle  ➤ 160km
opening hours unknown
Football Suburbian Foxes e.V.
Gartenstr. 72 a, 01640 Coswig  ➤ 161km
opening hours unknown
Magdeburger Sportverein 90 - Football
Bodestr. 9, 39118 Magdeburg  ➤ 163km
opening hours unknown
Cottbuser Crayfish, Abtlg. American Football HSV e.V.
J.-Gagarin-Str. 1, 03046 Cottbus  ➤ 164km
opening hours unknown
HSV Hochschulsportverein Cottbus - Football
Weststr. 1, 03044 Cottbus  ➤ 165km
opening hours unknown
1. American Football Verein Frankfurt (Oder) Red Cocks e.V. - Football
Buschmühlenweg 172, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)  ➤ 172km
opening hours unknown
Dresden Monarchs e. V. - Football
Postfach 100 851, 01078 Dresden  ➤ 176km
opening hours unknown
Football Top League Mirko Kopmann MKSPORTS
Stettiner Str. 46b, 17367 Eggesin  ➤ 181km
opening hours unknown
Haldensleber Sportclub e.V. - Football
Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Allee 8, 39340 Haldensleben  ➤ 182km
closed today
Chemn.Freizeit-u.Wohngebiets Sportverein e. V. - Football
Str. Usti nad Labem 42, 09119 Chemnitz  ➤ 185km
opening hours unknown
Football Line Dance Factory Schwerin - Lewitz
Seestr. 4, 19306 Neustadt-Glewe  ➤ 190km
opening hours unknown
Football Wolgast Vandals
Am Stadion 1, 17438 Wolgast  ➤ 196km
opening hours unknown
SV Warnemünde Fußball e.V. - Football
Wismarsche Str. 43-45, 18057 Rostock  ➤ 207km
opening hours unknown
SV Dynamo Rostock e.V. - Football
Kufsteiner Str. 5, 18069 Rostock  ➤ 210km
opening hours unknown
Baltic Blue Stars Rostock e. V. - Football
John-Brinckman-Str. 17, 18055 Rostock  ➤ 218km
opening hours unknown
Schweriner Sportclub Breitensport e.V. - Football
Ratzeburger Str.44, 19057 Schwerin  ➤ 227km
opening hours unknown
American Footballverein ",Jenaer Hanfrieds", e. V. - Football
Stauffenbergstr. 34, 07745 Jena  ➤ 236km
opening hours unknown
Turnverein Jahn Wolfsburg e.V. - Football
Klieverhagen 26 A, 38440 Wolfsburg  ➤ 250km
opening hours unknown
Mountain Tigers Wernigerode e.V. - Football
Weinbergstr. 7e, 38855 Wernigerode  ➤ 260km
opening hours unknown