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Cricket is a popular team sport in the Commonwealth countries. It is partly a national sport. The gameplay is similar to that of baseball and fuel ball. While the baseball field is triangular, the cricket ground is oval.

The forms of play vary, there are One-day cricket as a shortened variant.

Well-known cricketers are Sir Donald Bradman, Adam Gilchrist and Matthew Hayden. They are popular batsmen and wicketkeepers.

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Cricket equipment includes in particular jersey, cricket shoes, bat for the batsman and protective equipment with pads, gloves, jockstrap and chest protector, as well as leg protection and gloves for the wicket keeper.

Known types of cricket include one-day cricket, test cricket, first-class cricket and Tewnty20 cricket.

Information on German cricketers and cricket is available at the German Cricket Federation.
Preuß,ischer Cricket Verein zu
Hans-Grade-Ring 6, 14480 Potsdam  ➤ 35km
opening hours unknown
Havelländischen Cricket - Klub e.V.
Hoher Weg 144, 14542 Werder (Havel)  ➤ 56km
opening hours unknown
Schweriner Boß,el, Boule, Cricket u. Crocket Club - Cricket
Mühlenstr.5, 19055 Schwerin  ➤ 254km
opening hours unknown
Würzburg Cricket. CCWU
Weg zum Sportplatz 8, 97076 Würzburg  ➤ 486km
opening hours unknown
Cricket-Club Hanau e.V.
Goldbergstr. 6b, 63755 Alzenau  ➤ 547km
opening hours unknown
Ruder- und Cricketclub Philippsruhe 1980 e.V. Hanau - Cricket
Gustav-Hoch-Straße 7, 63526 Erlensee  ➤ 558km
opening hours unknown
Oldenburger Cricket Club e. V.
Gartenstr. 17, 26122 Oldenburg  ➤ 582km
opening hours unknown
Fußballverein Hellas 71 Frankfurt e.V. - Cricket
Lahnstr. 16, 60326 Frankfurt am Main  ➤ 595km
opening hours unknown
ARCES e. V. Stuttgart Corsari - Cricket
Lohäckerstr. 11, 70567 Stuttgart  ➤ 635km
opening hours unknown
Schleswiger Straße 33, 44145 Dortmund  ➤ 670km
opening hours unknown
TGR Rheingau Cricket Club
Jakobstr. 23, 65385 Ruedesheim  ➤ 672km
opening hours unknown
Bonn Cricket Society e.V.
Von- Halberg-Straße 26, 53125 Bonn  ➤ 734km
opening hours unknown
Cricket ASV Köln e.V.
Olympiaweg 3, 50933 Köln  ➤ 747km
opening hours unknown
NRW Cricket Landesverband NRWCU e.V.
Schledornstr., Frechen  ➤ 755km
opening hours unknown
Black Forest Cricket club
Baslerstr 106, 79540 lörrach  ➤ 841km
opening hours unknown