Cheerleading in München

Cheerleading München information

Cheerleading generates acclaim by connecting elements of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics with cheering calls. In the USA cheerleading is in ball sports, (football, basketball) popular. Also in wrestling and ice hockey you can see cheerleading groups. In Germany there is the Cheerleader Association Germany (CVD).

Cheerleading is also team sport and competitive sports, the cheerleading tournaments have different age and competition classes (Peewees, Juniors and Seniors).

Cheerleading München services

Cheerleaders require in particular condition, strength and concentration. In order to present choreographies optimally, uniform clothing (usually with team logo), pompons (puschels), flags, signs and paper megaphone are necessary. The clothes usually consist of dresses with short skirts to ensure the best freedom of movement. Bright colors are common.
AFC Augsburg Raptors e.V. - Cheerleading
Aystetter Str. 17, 86356 Neusäß  ➤ 92km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Green Berets Cheerleader, Abteilung des SV Fortuna
Isarstr. 85, 93057 Regensburg  ➤ 118km
opening hours unknown
Nürnberg Rams American Sports e. V. - Cheerleading
Schwanenweg 16, 90480 Nürnberg  ➤ 155km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Sweet Devils Cheer- and Dance Team Nürnberg e.V.
Schillerplatz 2, 90409 Nürnberg  ➤ 158km
opening hours unknown
Club am Marienberg e. V. - Cheerleading
Marienbergstr. 106, 90411 Nürnberg  ➤ 160km
opening hours unknown
VfB - Ulm - Cheerleading
Weinbergweg 42, 89075 Ulm  ➤ 183km
opening hours unknown
Hauptstr. 35, 97282 Retzstadt  ➤ 273km
opening hours unknown
Ludwigsburg Bulldogs - Cheerleading
Fuchhofstr. 60, 71638 Ludwigsburg  ➤ 276km
opening hours unknown
US Sports Club Heilbronn Salt Miners e. V. - Cheerleading
Mühlstr. 25/1, 74172 Neckarsulm  ➤ 290km
opening hours unknown
American Footballverein "Jenaer Hanfrieds" e.V. - Cheerleading
Stauffenbergstr. 34, 07745 Jena  ➤ 306km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading The Peaches Zwickauer Cheerleader
Eckersbacher Höhe 57, 08066 Zwickau  ➤ 307km
opening hours unknown
Basketball-Vereinigung Chemnitz 99 e.V. - Cheerleading
Augustusburger Str. 25, 09111 Chemnitz  ➤ 336km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Cheerdancers-AB
Aschaffenburg  ➤ 341km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading HSV
Waldstr. 1, 68766 Hockenheim  ➤ 361km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleader und Tanzgruppen Leipzig e.V. - Cheerleading
Gärtnerstr.161, 04209 Leipzig  ➤ 364km
opening hours unknown
SC DHfK Leipzig e.V. - Cheerleading
Am Sportforum 10, 04105 Leipzig  ➤ 368km
opening hours unknown
Turngemeinde 1837 Hanau a.V. - Cheerleading
Jahnstr. 3, 63450 Hanau  ➤ 370km
opening hours unknown
1. AFC Mülheim Shamrocks e.V. - Cheerleading
Richard-Wagner-Straße 7, 47198 Mühlheim  ➤ 371km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Cheer Power Hanau e.V.
Fritz-Schubert-Ring 21, 63486 Hanau  ➤ 374km
opening hours unknown
SV Darmstadt 1898 - Cheerleading
Nieder-Ramstädter Straße 170, 64285 Darmstadt  ➤ 376km
opening hours unknown
Darmstädter Turn- und Sportgemeinde 1846 - Cheerleading
Heinrich-Fuhr-Str. 40, 64287 Darmstadt  ➤ 376km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Shadow Cheer All Stars
Bernardstr. 70, 63067 Offebach am Main  ➤ 383km
open today 17:00 - 21:30 o'clock
SV Schwarz-Gelb Radegast e.V. - Cheerleading
Bahnhofstr., 06369 Radegast  ➤ 396km
opening hours unknown
Brockwitzer Schul- und Sportverein e.V. - Cheerleading
Dresdner Str. 170, 01640 Coswig  ➤ 399km
opening hours unknown
Spielvereinigung Spitzgrund 72 e.V. - Cheerleading
Beethovenstr. 8, 01640 Coswig  ➤ 400km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Cheerleader Verein Dresden e. V.
Münchner Str. 52, 01187 Dresden  ➤ 401km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading United Cheer X-plosion e. V.
Busmannstr. 15, 01217 Dresden  ➤ 402km
opening hours unknown
Dresden Monarchs e. V. - Cheerleading
Postfach 100 851, 01078 Dresden  ➤ 404km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Lunatics Cheerleader e. V.
Graue-Presse-Weg 28, 01445 Radebeul  ➤ 406km
opening hours unknown
Cheerleading Diamonds Cheerleader
67433 Neustadt an der Weinstraße  ➤ 406km
opening hours unknown