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AddressOverfeldweg 86, 51371 Leverkusen
Phone0214 - 860 70 83
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Car sharing information

Car sharing means, for example, "car rental" and refers to the organized joint use of cars. After signing up, you can rent a car by the minute, by the hour or for a longer period of time. In Germany, car sharing has been popular since the 2000s, but history dates back to 1988, when STATTAuto was founded. There is a distinction between private car sharing and car sharing companies. The private car sharing among neighbors, friends and acquaintances and private carpooling, save money and the environment.

Car sharing services

Carsharing is usually operated with small cars. Well-known carsharing companies in Germany are STATTAuto, one of the oldest carsharing companies, car2go, city car, cambio carsharing, greenwheels, DriveNow, Flinkster and teilAuto.

Before signing up with carsharing companies it is worth comparing prices to compare tariff options with your own needs for carsharing. There are route tarifs, minute tarifs etc.

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