Campsite Campingplatz Oberer Waldteich

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AddressWaldteichstr., 01468 Boxdorf
Phone03 52 07 / 8 14 29
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camp out, toilet, showers, shop, laundry


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Important notes

We have carefully researched address, phone and website of the offer campsite Campingplatz Oberer Waldteich for you. The specification e-mail is unfortunately not known to us.
Please respect the opening hours. Closed today!

The services specified above (camp out, toilet, showers, shop, laundry, u.a.) might be restricted or unavailable.

Campsite information

Camping takes place in tents, caravans and mobile homes. Campsites are characterized by a demarcated area, which is operated privately or by municipalities. Depending on the location and target group, campsites have different equipment (eg single showers, washing machines, supermarket).

A campsite is often found in metropolitan areas, in national parks or in tourist areas, where it serves for recreation. Permanent camping is usually possible. Families and people of all ages can be found on the campsite.

Campsite services

For camping, good equipment is recommended. If you are not arriving by motorhome or caravan, you need a tent. Also camping stove, camping gear, air mattress or mattress and sleeping bag are necessary. Flashlight, anti-mosquito spray, sunscreen are recommended. Camping table, camping chairs and possibly bathing utensils such as air mattress, water noodle and water polo are possible. You can bring food, or buy it locally in the supermarket. Before you can read in the camping forum.

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