Bowling in Brandenburg

Bowling Brandenburg information

Bowling can be enjoyed on bowling alleys. You can do the sport as a venture with friends or as a recreational sport. The German bowling and bowling federation organizes most German bowling clubs and bowling clubs.

The aim of bowling is to hit as many pins (10 in total) with the help of a ball with finger holes.

When bowling, max. nine cones are overturned with a rolling ball game.

Bowling Brandenburg services

Bowling clubs often offer bowling brunch, midnight bowling, blacklight bowling, bowling happy hours, birthday bowling etc. Bowling is popular as a trip with friends or at birthday parties with children and adults. Kids bowling is popular. In bowling you need u. a. Bowling ball, bowling glove with rail, bowling shoes and jerseys. There are four types of bowling alleys in Germany: Classic (asphalt track), Bohle, Scheren and bowling alley. In big cities (eg Berlin) more bowling alleys than bowling alleys can be found.
Bowling Kegelfreunde Rotation Babelsberg e.V.
Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 121 T, 14469 Potsdam  ➤ 7km
opening hours unknown
Gaststätte Märker Bowling
Zum Bahnhof Pirschheide, 14471 Potsdam  ➤ 10km
open today 14:00 - 00:00 o'clock
ESV Lokomotive Elstal - Bowling/Kegeln
Ernst-Walter-Weg 39 a, 14641 Wustermark  ➤ 10km
opening hours unknown
SV Wustermark e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Kirchstr. 2 b, 14641 Wustermark  ➤ 12km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Sportverein Turbine Falkensee e.V.
Holbeinstr. 70, 14612 Falkensee  ➤ 12km
opening hours unknown
ESV Lokomotive Potsdam e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Heidereiterweg 15, 14478 Potsdam  ➤ 13km
opening hours unknown
SV Motor Babelsberg e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Konsumhof-Motorhalle, 14482 Potsdam  ➤ 13km
opening hours unknown
Caputher Sportverein 1881 e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Max-von-Laue Str. 17, 14548 Schwielowsee  ➤ 13km
opening hours unknown
Bowling im Bürgerhaus
Schilfhof 28, 14478 Potsdam  ➤ 13km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Kegelverein Werder an der Havel e.V.
Hoher Weg 55, 14542 Werder (Havel)  ➤ 14km
opening hours unknown
Postsportverein Brandenburg e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Brünhildestr. 16, 14542 Brandenburg an der Havel  ➤ 15km
opening hours unknown
Sportverein Motor Falkensee 1951 e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Blumenstr. 36, 14612 Falkensee  ➤ 15km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Kegelclub Purzelmanm Michendorf e.V.
Potsdamer Str. 31, 14552 Michendorf  ➤ 17km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Pdm.Kegelsportverein Aufbau 53 e.V.
Gerlachstr. 41, 14480 Potsdam  ➤ 17km
opening hours unknown
Golf und Country Club Seddiner See e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Zum Weiher 44, 14554 Seddiner See  ➤ 20km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Kegelsportverein 90
Bredower Weg 2A, 14641 Nauen  ➤ 23km
opening hours unknown
SG Saarmund e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Feldstr. 1 a, 14552 Saarmund  ➤ 23km
opening hours unknown
SV Blau-Weiss Kleinmachnow e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Heidereiterweg 14, 14532 Kleinmachnow  ➤ 23km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Sportverein Handwerk Nauen e.V.
Otto-Heese-Str. 10, 14641 Nauen  ➤ 23km
opening hours unknown
Bowling SBC-Stahnsdorf
Ringstr. 6, 14532 Stahnsdorf  ➤ 24km
opening hours unknown
Verein für Volkssport Spandau 1922 e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Wichernstr. 55, 13587 Berlin  ➤ 24km
opening hours unknown
Sportgemeinschaft 1912/90 e. V. Blau-Weiß Beelitz - Bowling/Kegeln
Grünstr. 10, 14547 Beelitz  ➤ 26km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Stahnsdorf
Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95, 14532 Stahnsdorf  ➤ 27km
opening hours unknown
Saunafreunde-Berlin - Bowling/Kegeln
Süderholmer Steig 3, 13503 Berlin  ➤ 29km
opening hours unknown
Bowling am Studio
Kaiserdamm 80-81, 14057 Berlin  ➤ 30km
open today 12:00 - 00:00 o'clock
Bowling SG Stern Ludwigsfelde - Bohlekegeln
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 17, 14974 Ludwigsfelde  ➤ 32km
opening hours unknown
Bowling am Kudamm
Kurfürstendamm 156, 10707 Berlin  ➤ 33km
open today 10:00 o'clock - open end
Bowling Bowlplay Berlin
Am Borsigturm 2, 13507 Berlin  ➤ 34km
opening hours unknown
Sportverein Roskow e.V. - Bowling/Kegeln
Brandstelle 8c, 14778 Roskow  ➤ 34km
opening hours unknown
Bowling Kegelverein
Kegelverein Trebbin, 14959 Trebbin  ➤ 35km
opening hours unknown