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Baseball is a ball sport and team sport, which originates from the USA. The teams try to achieve runs through offense. The gameplay is similar to that of Brennball. Since baseball has no time limit, so the number of innings (sections of the game) is decisive and a game can take several hours.

Baseball clubs are organized in Germany in state associations and the German Baseball and Softball Association. Leagues take place. Baseball was part of the Olympic program in 1992-2008 and continues to be considered an Olympic sport.

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Pro Sportverein Berlin 24 e.V. - Baseball
Forckenbeckstr. 18, 14199 Berlin  ➤ 13km
opening hours unknown
Baseball vfl Lichtenrade 1894 e.V.
Kirchhainer Damm 68, 12309 Berlin  ➤ 16km
closed today
Frohnauer SC 1946 e.V. - Baseball
Schönfließer Str. 12a, 13465 Berlin  ➤ 19km
opening hours unknown
Sport-Club John-F.-Kennedy-Schule Berlin e.V. - Baseball
Onkel-Tom-Str. 109, 14167 Berlin  ➤ 19km
opening hours unknown
Universitätssportverein Potsdam e.V. - Baseball
PF 60 15 53, 14415 Potsdam  ➤ 41km
opening hours unknown
Softball- und Baseballclub Strausberg e.V.
Landhausstr. 16-18, 15344 Strausberg  ➤ 49km
opening hours unknown
SV Kloster Lehnin e.V. - Baseball
Potsdamer Str. 2, 14797 Lehnin  ➤ 76km
opening hours unknown
HSV Hochschulsportverein Cottbus - Baseball
Weststr. 1, 03044 Cottbus  ➤ 133km
opening hours unknown
Baseball Fireballs
Greifenhagener Weg, 16307 Mescherin  ➤ 141km
opening hours unknown
SV "Einheit" Ueckermünde e.V. - Baseball
Strandweg 12, 17373 Ueckermünde  ➤ 158km
opening hours unknown
Baseball und Softball Dresden Dukes e. V.
Hubertusstr. 24, 01129 Dresden  ➤ 164km
opening hours unknown
Baseballverein Los Tainos
Zeunerstr. 47, 01069 Dresden  ➤ 171km
opening hours unknown
Baseball Leipzig Wallbreakers e.V.
Kochstr. 12, 04275 Leipzig  ➤ 176km
opening hours unknown
Baseball American Sport Club e.V
Keplerstr. 4, 39104 Magdeburg  ➤ 203km
opening hours unknown
American Footballverein ",Jenaer Hanfrieds", e. V. - Baseball
Stauffenbergstr. 34, 07745 Jena  ➤ 271km
opening hours unknown
Erfurt Baseballclub
Windthorststr. 41, 99096 Erfurt  ➤ 315km
opening hours unknown
Baseball- und Softballclub Erfurt Dark Angels e.V.
Nordhäuser Str. 7, 99089 Erfurt  ➤ 316km
opening hours unknown
Sportverein Lindenberg von 1949 - Baseball
Kopernikusstr. 13, 38126 Braunschweig  ➤ 318km
opening hours unknown
Polizeisportverein Braunschweig - Baseball
Grüner Ring 1, 38108 Braunschweig  ➤ 318km
opening hours unknown
Lübecker Ballspielverein Phönix v. 1903 e.V. - Baseball
Falkenstr. 44, 23564 Lübeck  ➤ 337km
opening hours unknown
American Sports Club Lübeck e.V. - Baseball
Schwartauer Allee 2, 23554 Lübeck  ➤ 339km
opening hours unknown
TuS Vahrenwald - Baseball
Sahlkamp 4 C, 30179 Hannover  ➤ 409km
opening hours unknown
SV Internationale Schule - Baseball
Bruchmeisterallee 6, 30169 Hannover  ➤ 409km
opening hours unknown
Spiel- und Sportgemeinschaft (SSG) Rot-Schwarz Kiel Kronsburg/Me - Baseball
Braunstr. 27, 24145 Kiel  ➤ 412km
opening hours unknown
Baseball SV Schwabelweis
David-Funk-Straße 7, 93055 Regensburg  ➤ 413km
opening hours unknown
Post- u. Telekom-SV Kiel/Kronshagen e.V. - Baseball
Eckernförder Straße 217, 24119 Kiel  ➤ 416km
opening hours unknown
Spielvereinigung 1904 Erlangen e.V. - Baseball
Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 11, 91052 Erlangen  ➤ 419km
opening hours unknown
Baseballclub Fürth Pirates 1988 e.V.
Mauerstr. 14, 90765 Fürth  ➤ 431km
opening hours unknown
Baseball Noris Diamonds e.V.
Höfener Straße 152 a, 90431 Nürnberg  ➤ 433km
opening hours unknown
Baseball Cadolzburg Bucks e.V.
Langerweg 10, 90556 Cadolzburg  ➤ 441km
opening hours unknown